Creative Touch Massage Therapy Services

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Deep Tissue Massage


The benefits of this massage is to release stress and tension in the muscles, improve blood flow and produce changes for better flexibility and posture.  

Swedish Massage


 The benefits of this massage are very therapeutic, it improves circulation of blood, reduces joint stiffness, relieves anxiety, stress, and promotes relaxation. 

Upper Body Massage


The benefits of this massage focuses on distinct areas, such as, the head, neck, chest, shoulders, arms, and upper back to relieve  tension.  

Trigger Point Massage


 The benefits of this massage will breakdown muscle knots, improve flexibility where muscles were once tight causing discomfort in affected areas of the body.  

Sports Massage


 The benefits of this massage assists with realigning muscle fibers, connective tissues, increasing joint mobility, flexibility, and sending a boost to the circulatory system.  

Chair Massage


 The benefits of a chair massage can decrease stress, relieve muscle pains and increase circulation. It focuses on your neck, shoulders, arms and back.